Body Pro Coach - 90 days fitness transformation

Base + Move & Sustain

In this program we make you fit by working on all the Ten Aspects of Fitness (Cardiovascular, Stamina, Strength, Power, Agility, Speed, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Accuracy) and at the same time working on losing fat percentage and weight by using the principles of keto, intermittent fasting, low calorie eating pattern or calorie deficit eating and systematic introduction of carbs to maximize results on fitness and fat loss goals.

We have experienced our BodyProCoach transformation family losing 8-10 Kg in the first month and getting fit.

Second and third month gets you the best feeling of having fitness at its best and by consistent progression through movement to intensity and nutritional improved efficiency.

Through this plan you will be having our plan production team working with Praveen and Maahek Nair to support and motivate you all the time.

Our group on Facebook and WhatsApp will motivate you with daily updates and videos. Through this plan we educate you the key points of keeping yourself fit and lean for the rest of life.

You will have to take that one step to make you proud. Trust me, this could be the right one.

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How It Works


Questionnaire & Answers

The first step for us to understand about your fitness, nutrition, medical conditions, motivation and fitness goals is through the questionnaire that we send across to you. Your answers will help us produce a complete tailored plan based on the need and the goal that you have.


Tailored Nutrition & Workout Plan

Within three working days Praveen & Maahek Nair along with the Plan Production Team will be producing a tailored plan based on your needs and to get you the best results. We keep major principles of intermittent fasting, ketosis, keeping high quality nutrition to get you the best energy thought the day, micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals), macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) to ensure every step of your transformation is highly planned and result oriented.


Progress Questionnaire

The biggest reason behind any transformation is that you get to know what you have put in. You will receive a progress questionnaire which we touch base with a client one on one, give feedback and appreciate the hard work you have done and the results that you have achieved. This is an integral part in making you realize the time that you put in and a real time feedback from Praveen & Maahek Nair. From the 25th day onwards we’ll be reminding you to update your progress questionnaire and picture on your profile to get the feedback that we can start with the month two workout programming and nutritional plan. The same system and process goes on for three months.


Completion of Base

Yes, you have smashed it!!! The main focus of the Base – 90 Day was to build what you always wanted, a great fitness level which consist of all the Ten Aspects of Fitness which we discussed earlier. Now you’re ready for the program Move & Sustain – 90 Day which is even more challenging, fun and most importantly a lot more results than what you receive from Base – 90 Day. With Move & Sustain - 90 Day we will be teaching you even in depth about the program and nutrition and how to sustain the lean look and a great feeling forever.

Why 90 Day Plan is so popular for results?

Science backed up Meal plan and workout plan.

The key part of your success in the 90-day plan is achievability. Yes, we will be making your plan based on today’s busy life and time that we have for exercise and meal preparation.

Support and Community

A major part of your transformation is mind set is motivation. Join our community of like-minded people to make that first step and for a happy day every time.

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Join the 90-day plan at 40% first time ever offer. Join now for $1 per day.

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