Addressing the Media at Hyderabad, Telangana- By Celebrity Fitness Trainers Praveen & Maahek Nair.

Addressing the Media at Hyderabad, Telangana- By Celebrity Fitness Trainers Praveen & Maahek Nair.

Importance of Fitness in the new age lifestyle | Celebrity Fitness| Shraddha Kapoor’s Training & Diet Plan. – for Saaho, Street Dancer 3D and Chhichhore, which she was shooting for at the same time

26th August 2019: Mr. Praveen Nair & Maahek Nair the celebrity fitness trainers has addressed the media in Hyderabad, Telangana on various topics. They have stated the importance of fitness in our daily life & how you can achieve your fitness goals with clear focus & following the perfect fitness regime.

In the meanwhile, fitness coach & nutritionist Maahek Nair have mentioned Actress & celebrity Shraddha Kapoor’s commitment towards the fitness is fabulous. She was doing three movies at a time with different roles. An actioner- Cop role (Saaho), dance film (Street Dancer 3D) and romantic comedy (Chhichhore) each. Since her roles are completely different from one another in the three projects, naturally, her meals and workouts had to be varied as well.

The Major talk was on SAAHO movie and how Shraddha Kapoor has been trained with an excellent diet plan. While shooting for Saaho, Shraddha was on a diet comprising of essential fat and moderate protein with carbohydrate. “She consumed a lot of veggies; for proteins, she used to have eggs, fish and salads,”. As for workouts, since she plays a cop and the film involves intense action sequences, so she was trained heavily in CrossFit, functional training and TRX (Total Resistance exercises). “Shraddha had to be on mainly sports-specific training. Even she did Pilates reformer sessions in Gym while she was in Mumbai. Even though she was travelling a lot, the meal plan & the workouts were planned on dot. She is an extremely talented & committed personality, Says her trainer Maahek Nair.

When asked for the importance of fitness & requirement of following the diet plan for Hyderabadi’s by the regional media Celebrity Trainer Praveen Nair stated that Hyderabad is a lovely city & people here are more aware of fitness. The city has a huge fan following for Shraddha Kapoor. The fans ask lot of interactive questions about fitness & diet to us on our Instagram. For Hyderabadi’s or the mostly to follow a perfect diet plan it is important to cut down the carbs percentage & increase the intake of protein in the diet. It may differ based on the body of each individual, Said by the popular fitness coach Praveen Nair.

For fitness there is no restriction of age, anyone from the age of 8 to 80 years can do fitness activities. For anything related to fitness tips, activities or any updates you can reach us at YouTube channel ( Bodyprocoachfitness), Website ( or through Instagram ( @_praveen_nair, @maaheknair, @bodyprocoachfitness) said Praveen Nair while concluding the media session at Hyderabad, India.

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