Body Pro Coach - 90 days fitness transformation


What is Base 90 days program?

A program developed highly customized for you to get the best results. You get the support of real time workout with Praveen & Maahek Nair along with some great recipes hich will show you some great results and look after your taste buds also.

Who all can do Base 90 days Transformation?

Anyone above the age of 10 to age you can move around which means ideally elders also.

Is there is a progress report or results tracking?

Yes, there will progress questionnaire send you every 25 days and we will share your progress of first month compare to this month and you will get to the difference over the pics also which you will submitting.

Is it a customized plan?

Yes, it is. The plan is made based on questionnaire answers, your goals, your current fat percentage (which we understand form picture that you submit) Your meal plan is the key to success with the macro calculation and calories.

Support while on Transformation program?

Your most of the answers will be find on FAQs section. At the same time our Plan Production Team will be available for you an email support and more importantly weekly scheduled chat with Praveen and Maahek Nair over our YouTube channel will help you discuss more of queries and get some great motivation.

To know more the plan, look for live chat button on website.

If I sign up now, do I need start right away?

NO, you can start when you are ready to start your transformation program. You have a time period of Three months from the day of your purchase to start your plan.

Can I gift Base 90-day plan to my Loved ones?

Yes, you can and we believe fitness could the best thing anyone can gift a loved one. Check out our Online coaching section or Shop to know more.

Is it the best offer running on Base 90-day plan? How long will it will be available?

Yes, it is as this is the first time we are running an offer on Base plan as it was selling at 12,000 Indian rupees and now you are getting it for 7000 for the first time.

We generally work on and bring in advanced plans time to time. For e.g. – We are working on more advanced plan that our Base Stars (The people who have finished Base) so if there is any new plan comes then the offer will be valid for short time. So I highly encourage you to grab this offer.

Do I need to have gym membership?

No, the reason we started with Online coaching is to help people to get fit without much pf fancy equipment and too much of time spend.

Yes, this need bare instruments like Skipping rope, Step bench, few pair of dumbbells etc. and you can do it at your comfort at home and save some good time with some crazy results which gym workouts also fail provide.

Do I need follow Base routine or can I follow any other routine also?

BodyProCoach programs are pre planned thus can provide you a systematic approach towards exercise and progression. At the same any physical activity or 30 to 40 min varying moderate to high intensity will help you to transform yourself.

Submission of photos?

You can choose to keep the photos for your reference as these are really good tool gauge your progress or if you share with us we will be able produce even better plan with answered questionnaire.

Food diary and update?

It is always great that gather as much as information about your fitness and eating patter which help us produce a great plan for you.

How often I can go for cheat meal?

Ideally once in a week with pre planned cheat meal considering your taste buds and keeping calories in mind.

Is It Keto plan?

Yes, for the first few monthly as you can get some great with Low carb eating as human generally tend to have more water retention or subcutaneous fat because of our sedentary lifestyle and eating so keto or low carb really help you reduce the inflammation and make you feel great. Though in the month 2 & 3 you will some carb-based meal refuel your energy after an intense workout.

How do I check ketosis?

The methods of checking ketosis are here in the link (Attach link)

What are the focus of Base 90 days plan?

Base is a Fat loss and lean muscle gain program.

Does Base supports any athlete program, like getting ready for an event or marathon?

No, athlete program focusses a lot more variety of measures.

What is 1:1 PT with Praveen & Maahek Nair?

Praveen and Maahek Nair are celebrity fitness trainers located in Mumbai and trains most of the Bollywood actors. This is 1:1 training for 45 mins and available only for in Mumbai.
To know more about (Add link of Personal training)

What is 1:1 Online coaching with Praveen and Maahek Nair?

If you are someone who stays far, but interested in working with Praveen or Maahek Nair then this package is available for you.

What is 1:1 Online coaching with Praveen and Maahek Nair?

If you are someone who stays far, but interested in working with Praveen or Maahek Nair then this package is available for you.

If I face any food allergy or intolerance can I still do the plan?

Yes, you can. As our recipes gives you lot more option to choose from and food list that comes with the plan will help you find the option.

If you still face challenges with option, please get in touch with our Plan production Team over a live chat on website.

Is the plan available Vegetarian / Vegan also?

Yes, you can do your transformation using vegetarian plan. Vegan plan is currently unavailable.

What about micro nutrients or vitamins

All the essential vitamins & Supplements will be mentioned in the plan based on intensity of the workout and stages.

Is it necessary to use supplements in the plan?

No, but they are easiest form available for absorption in the body so we recommend for faster recovery and well-being.

How many sessions per week?

We encourage 3 to 4 sessions of TTLG (HIIT) & 1 to 2 sessions of Core Pilates

What is the duration of the exercise session?

20 to 40 mins based on intensity and focus. First month sessions would comparatively low intensity and short in duration.

Can I work out / Exercise at home?

A main of online coaching is to save time and approachable way of training which will make sure that you are consistent. Yes, using Base program you can workout at home, Garden or in a gym.

What all equipment do I need?

Basic pair of few dumbbell, Jump rope, Adjustable bench, some resistance band.

Can I do my own training program?

Ideally Base 90 days are highly planned programmed keeping in mind all the major Ten aspects of Fitness and you get to work with Praveen or Maahek Nair on real time. But if you choose to go for outdoor run or some group class with your friends that is ok. Remember when you are on the plan it is important that you perform exercise for minimum of 30 – 40 mins.

Can I only use for Nutrition and not exercise?

Ideally exercise does lot of great things in your body like improving blood circulation, releasing good and happy hormones which will be a great factor for your overall health and feel good factor. Yes, but if you follow the plan only with nutrition also can get you some good results, but an exercise combined routine will be always advisable.

Is it important to go the gym and lift weight when you are in the program?

No, not at all. Human body understands any kind of stress given if that is by using weights or with own body weight.
In the first month the program will be focusing on developing flexibility an getting your flexibility correct for the movement by using flexibility program and Mat Pilates. From second month onwards, you will get to resistance band and dumbbell coming in place to create intensity and that is correct approach any fitness program. A gradual approach towards perfection.

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