Lean in 90

Are you looking forward to take a step ahead in your fitness and put in a lot more effort in your health and transformation? You will be trained by Praveen & Maahek Nair on a daily basis at BodyProCoach Goregaon, Mumbai.

Praveen & Maahek Nair are known for transforming a lot of Bollywood celebrities with their unique coaching methods, through this program you will be able to receive the same quality of coaching from them.

This program focuses on all the Ten Aspects of Fitness (Cardiovascular, Stamina, Strength, Power, Agility, Speed, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Accuracy) and performing consistently to get results.

One of the things this program will help you achieve is making a habit of waking up early in the morning and exercising between 5am to 8am. At this hour the body releases good hormones to build lean muscles and also help you be more energetic throughout the day. Most of the athletes and successful personalities do one of the most important things in the morning like making plans for the day, exercise, meditation, etc.

It’s time to build lean muscles. Let’s go!!

What you get?

  • 216 cardio session with Praveen & Maahek Nair
  • 48 Group virtual session with Praveen & Maahek Nair
  • 24 Group class session with Praveen & Maahek Nair
  • Total 288 Class
  • Weekly updates of progress through our web application
  • Feedbacks from Praveen & Maahek Nair
  • Achieve the best transformation from the batch and get a gift worth ₹20,000/-
  • 3 Nutrition Plans
  • New batch starts every month

Get Started

How It Works


Sign up

Sign up as a new batch every 1 st day of the month


Workout alongside Praveen & Maahek Nair

You will be coached by Praveen or Maahek Nair every morning at 5:00 AM – 6:30 AM to do cardio and aim to burn about 700-1000 cal.
You will receive a customized nutritional plan every start of the month.
Two group class every week (Wednesday, Saturday) at BodyProCoach with Praveen & Maahek Nair.
You get the access to attend virtual training by Praveen & Maahek Nair at 6:30 PM (IST) on our online platform four times every week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) where you’ll perform HIIT and Pilates on alternate days.


Weekly update on progression

This will make sure that you are on track and highly motivated every week after week to constantly put on the work.


Monthly progress questionnaire

Here you will be updating your complete journey of the last month of exercising and results, where you will be receiving a real time reply from Praveen & Maahek Nair.

Program Details

DaysCardio (5:00 AM to 6:30 AM)Group ClassVirtual Training (6:30 PM to 7:15 PM)
Praveen or Maahek Nair-HIIT (Praveen Nair)
Praveen or Maahek Nair - Pilates (Maahek Nair)
Praveen or Maahek Nair Praveen or Maahek Nair -
Praveen or Maahek Nair - HIIT (Praveen Nair)
Praveen or Maahek Nair - Pilates (Maahek Nair)
Praveen or Maahek Nair Praveen or Maahek Nair -
Sunday- - -

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17999 + taxes

90 Days

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