Move & Sustain

Congratulations on completing Base – 90 Day Transformation Program.

In Move & Sustain Program, you will be achieving much more than Base – 90 Day Program as your Base is built strong. You will be going through more of the intense and explosive movements and different nutritional methods to achieve some great results. Here we work with you to achieve the pinnacle of fitness and the best version of your leanest.

Over the 90 Days program you’ll be performing 4 days of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with resistance bands and advanced movements to make sure that you engaged maximum muscle fibers, get the bets of the afterburn to get the best results in fat loss, internal organ conditions and the best functionality of fitness.

  • Support and motivation
  • Facebook group support
  • WhatsApp community support
  • E-mail support
  • Revert from Praveen & Maahek Nair on your month progressive questionnaire

Get Started

How It Works


Questionnaire & Answers

The first step for us to understand about your fitness, nutrition, medical conditions, motivation and fitness goals is through the questionnaire that we send across to you. Your answers will help us produce a complete tailored plan based on the need and the goal that you have.


Tailored Nutrition & Workout Plan

Within three working days Praveen & Maahek Nair along with the Plan Production Team will be producing a tailored plan based on your needs and to get you the best results. We keep major principles of intermittent fasting, ketosis, keeping high quality nutrition to get you the best energy thought the day, micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals), macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) to ensure every step of your transformation is highly planned and result oriented.


Progress Questionnaire

The biggest reason behind any transformation is that you get to know what you have put in. You will receive a progress questionnaire which we touch base with a client one on one, give feedback and appreciate the hard work you have done and the results that you have achieved. This is an integral part in making you realize the time that you put in and a real time feedback from Praveen & Maahek Nair. From the 25th day onwards we’ll be reminding you to update your progress questionnaire and picture on your profile to get the feedback that we can start with the month two workout programming and nutritional plan. The same system and process goes on for three months.


Completion of Move & Sustain

As the name itself says you are now good to do it all by yourself, over the last six months of Base – 90 Day and Move & Sustain – 90 Day we have worked with you very closely teaching you a great lifestyle and impressive fitness levels, a great understanding about nutrition and eating with a taste buds but still maintaining a low level of fat percentage at a same time getting a lot of energy for that day. At this stage you can surely be in touch with us on the social media platforms and perform the exercise and the nutritional plan that you’ve learned over the last six months. But being said that we’ll be bringing in lot more of community fitness challenges and fun activities to make sure that we’re in touch with you as we take complete responsibility of your fitness.

Note: This plan is only for people who have completed Base - 90 Days Plan

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