Personal Training

If you are the person who is very serious in getting your result done then this advanced level of program is for you wherein you will be directly training and interacting with Praveen Nair. Accountability is the most important thing when it is about fitness, 1:1 with Praveen will keep you accountable and help us stay motivated all time.

Why you should choose 1:1 personal training?

  • Stay motivated - having Praveen Nair with you for your session will help you make the best out of your workout session and rest of the day.
  • Daily updates – This help you stay on track and disciplined
  • Weekly follow ups – This keeps you on track with your weekly achievement and success
  • Monthly progress report – Praveen will tell you a complete report about your overall performances and how to enhance your results to the next level.
  • Fully Customized Nutritional & Workout Protocol featuring multiple options for each respective meal
  • Customized Meal Timing to help ensure that you are eating at the ideal time based upon your daily schedule and your workouts (if applicable)
  • Nutrition protocol based upon current levels of stress (different foods affect different hormones/stress levels)
  • Supplement Protocol/recommendations to go along with your nutrition plan.
  • Amazon links to recommended supplements to make it easy to pick and choose what works best for you as far as price point goes.

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