We are celebrity fitness coaches and nutritionist who has helped lot of Bollywood actors to achieve a great frame of physical appearance, Fat percentage and most importantly keeping them fit.

We have been several gyms and seen people looking the same way after few months and years and doing most of workout in the same intensity (Which means, more or less doing some cardio machines for hours) and they looked the same with higher fat percentage.

And we knew that all they need is the correct guidance and programming and we started working on the online platform that we can really get those who need help with regards to fitness, loosing fat percentage, feeling confident, and for well-being.

Which means, we follow and believe that the whole industry of fitness industry is promoting different diet plan for e.g. -: someone says no carb and someone says yes for carbs and fats, but we believe that it is fully based what is your fitness level, eating habit and most importantly current health and fat percentage.

We wanted to promote health as a habit of exercise for 20 to 40 mins every day and some cool eating habits with knowing how to maintain a great fat percentage year around with No more dieting and hard-core workout. So here to help people to support like-minded people.

Praveen Nair in Numbers
  • ACSM certified personal trainer
  • 12 Years as personal trainer
  • 1 year as Online coach and Nutritionist
  • Thousands of people transformed by using the method of online program
  • 30 days to 90 days is all I need to make you feel the best of yourself.
Maahek Nair in Numbers
  • ACSM certified personal trainer
  • ACSM certified Nutritionist
  • Balance body Pilates trainer
  • 1 year as Online coach and Nutritionist