Well, I started my journey of fitness with Praveen & Maahek Nair a few years back. I have always been fit and have always been happy with my muscle quality, but as it says but wanted to take it one notch higher and make it really happening.

I actually did 1:1 counselling from them where they made a workout program & Nutritional plan, this is the time i actually realised that there is much more scope of doing better then what i was doing and these people actually changed the way worked out and looked into my nutrition. I actually started measuring my food and started tracking calories from whatever that I ate and this got my physique to one of its best shapes for a project.

I am very fortunate that Praveen is my trainer. The workout routine plan has always been challenging & interesting at the same time when you get to have your meals which are fully customised and tasty then you don't really crave for the normal food which i used to eat earlier. He always encourages me to push my limits. A part of fitness is to have a fit mind if you have afit mind, then you are a happy person and everything else falls into place. Eating right impacts a lot on how you look and it is important to maintain a good shape and muscle mass with lower fat percentage, you feel light on your feet and that's the feeling I enjoy the most. These coaches have taught me that the lower body is most of your entire body and when your base is strong your body just stands strong and your posture is always nice. I train every day, even on holiday, or even when I’m travelling as fitness for me is like eating and breathing.

Praveen & Maahek is the reason for my fit body and fitness.

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Praveen & Maahek Nair are really amazing and they have been a great catalyst in my fitness journey.

My journey is about 7 years since they have been looking after my fitness & lifestyle. I have gone through a lot of different kind of training patterns, diet patterns based on time to time goals.

I have been practicing Intermittent fasting & Keto meal plans a few months now under their guidance and it is been amazing on the notes of showing some great results. I must say, the meal plan is tasty & focusing on the getting some great results, which makes you stick around it forever.

I always focus on working out year around and keeping some great options of meal plans, but 1:1 personal training and working with Praveen & Maahek Nair pushes me to get the best out of myself.

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I’m actually very lucky I get to train with Praveen and I tell that to everyone, I have never seen a trainer who gets the change in your body like him.

Trust me, as a human he is very humble and sweet, but when it comes to training, he is very hard working, just because he wants a change in you.

I have trained with lot of trainers in my life, but he is one of the best. Whenever you are training with him you automatically see the change in your body, that’s the power of his training. He not only trains you but also tells you about the nutrition & lifestyle, which I think is very important along with training and he keeps check on you. He is really the best.

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Training and getting my 1:1 personal training and nutritional counselling from Praveen and Maahek Nair are one the integrate part of fitness journey. The workout routine is high focused on heart conditioning, flexibility, and overall will look very Aesthetically and fitness as whole.

Have been training with Praveen and Maahek Nair from last couple of months.

One of the greatest things that have learnt that and released is that is great tool of exercises to keep your flexibility and core strength at its best.

I’m a firm believer of exercise should be a part of lifestyle and discipline with consistency makes it an enjoyable journey.

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I had trained Sushant Singh Rajput for 5 years, I had also looked after his workout, his rest time, nutrition, overall performance.

So actually, our relationship and bonding started when Sushant signed Kai Po Che (Movie). We actually met on a Sunday morning at 7.00 am in his car to discuss his fitness goals as they were no restaurants or café were opened that time. I remember this day very clearly as I could eye his passion & hungerness for success in his eyes. In the same meeting we decided to start training as soon as possible, as we had only two months to get ready and be in shape of an athlete for Kai Po Che. That time he was having higher fat %. We nailed down a plan of working out twice a day with worthful of effort and commitment.

In fact, I must say that its been 17 years I have been working as a fitness coach, I never met anyone like as SSR. He used to do extra ordinary things, my Uniform used to get drenched in sweat as we practiced weight training with kick boxing and this program did wonders some great magic. Within two months he had achieved his goals and looked in the character of an athlete and we finished our complete transformation 1 day prior of his 1st schedule of shoot of Kai Po Che’ and My Man turned around and called me a “magician”. That time there were no such hype of social media, but there was BBM messenger (Blackberry) and we used to kind of put display picture that we share the messages with people and after the training on BBM Sushant put a pic of both of us and mentioned “The Magician”

Trained SSR for 5 years and all his memories such as workout, making him sweat on the floor, looking after his diet, the discussions about his characters and the way he wants to look to portrait his characters.

Sushant’s transformation and working experience will be always be close to my heart. Will cherish each and every moment that I spent with you SSR.

With lots of Love on behalf of Sushant Singh Rajput.

- Praveen Nair.

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I have a career where there are lot of ups and downs when scheduling is concerned. But if I start working out with Praveen Nair because he himself is so punctual my whole day falls in place. And if I have to be physically fit, forget being muscular or having a photogenic body, I always call him and he is one call away even when he is being so busy with other work commitments.

I feel in India people still don’t seem to understand that, 70% change of your body is because of your nutrition so when it comes to fitness nutrition comes first. When I started working out, Praveen gave me a diet book and I had to fill it up and it was good for me because I was able to track my diet which gave me incredible results.

I’ve been working out with Praveen Nair for years and one thing about Praveen is if you can manage the plan he provided, he will for sure give you result and it isn’t forceful done to your body, because he is brutally honest and he is like your doctor and if your doctor is not honest to you, then how will you improve your body??

But most importantly he knows what he is doing. So, he can design a plan for me to achieve my specific goal. I know when I surrender my body to someone who knows the art, I’m in safe hands.

Thought process about life:

My motto in life is Eat Healthy, Be Healthy & Think Healthy. A lot of people missed out on thinking part. We should eat healthy; workout regularly but also have healthy thoughts and be positive.

Fitness mantra:

One tip I want to give to the people and even I myself want to follow is give 1 hour in a day to your body, it can be anything; games, sports, dance or any sorts of physical activity.

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Praveen is a perfectionist in his fitness business and he makes sure that even for his clients there is no stone unturned, whether it be about the diet or be about the workout.

The biggest asset working with him is that he does personal follow ups. He will not leave you; he will be with you till the time you achieve your results. So, we always need someone like Praveen, who can put you out of your bed. Who can literally sort of put you in the gym, who can be on your head, so you need an entity like that in your life and this is what I actually get from BodyProCoach.

More importantly Praveen has put me in a mindset that use the resources around you and push yourself so that your discipline remains self-sustain.

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I have been a fit person looking after my diet and workout very consciously, but the urge to get better to look even more leaner was high on me. I took up training and nutrition with Praveen & Maahek Nair. They literally change the way I thought about training and nutrition. The training sessions were difficult and challenging and even make me puke a few times on the first few sessions but within two weeks I saw my whole body changing to another level which I never notice in my last few years of training.

I could never find a perfection in the quality of my lower abdomen but these two weeks set clearly what a right coach and a nutrition can play the way you can look. I am at my best shape, the leanest of me and of course the fittest of mine.

Trainings were always challenging and the nutrition was always something great, easy to cook and easy to stick around.

So, I highly recommend and all you need is right guidance, motivation and time based goals to achieve and a great team to work with you which gives you weekly and monthly break down of your goal to achieve them. Praveen & Maahek Nair have done a great work with me. Love you guys.

Praveen & Maahek have worked according to my body needs and structure because of which I got some great results in short time. I would say, Pilates Training is been one of the most important part of my fitness journey & results.

At BodyProCoach I would say you will always have fun and even the workouts are results oriented at the same time fun and challenging which keeps me inspired to be consistent with my routine. I can actually say, the hour I spend at BodyProCoach is my favorite part of the day.

I also have couple of friends in Dubai they also told me that they got amazing result following the BodyProCoach Online Training Programs and apart from that when you visit Mumbai come over to BodyProCoach for a workout. They are the best.

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I know Praveen from last 10 years, who is so dedicated and hardworking.

Every time I meet him there something new going in the gym or there is always some information that I take back with me. I feel very excited, very educated when I meet him. You know sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow you to be regular but the way Praveen inspires me like call me and ask me to be on the floor 20 mins before, warm up and after workout he make sure that I follow a disciplined lifestyle over the day.

He keeps track of my diet book. I feel he plays such an important role in my life and I want to thank you for that and I hope this association grows stronger and stay forever and I want you keep making our life fitter and you keep inspiring us and always be the role model you are with your six packs.

Training with Praveen is worth my time and it’s an investment. It’s like investment for my body my time, in my fitness, my knowledge about it. I feel that it’s one of the most important things as a singer, as a musician, as I travel a lot and I think my fitness level has to be good.

The more time I spend at BodyProCoach, I get inspired by Praveen, Maahek and their kids.

I think it’s all about staying fit, staying positive and staying hopeful that you will get better and I think that’s all life is about. Thank you so much Praveen.

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Honestly training with Praveen & Maahek is really amazing. He is really a best coach. I am very happy with the result the way my body is transforming thanks to Praveen and Maahek.

I have been training with Maahek for a very long time and she specially takes my Pilates sessions, which is very important because Pilates not only tones you up but also it strengthen your core, aligns your body, gives you a good posture and the best part is she makes it so much fun because I really have hectic days I started 6 am-7am in the morning then I am at shoot till 10pm -11pm but still make it work out every day. As it is much fun and I can see so much of difference in my posture in my body the way I stand and carry myself now so I think it’s very amazing. Thank you Maahek.

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I Live in Mumbai. I have been working out from last 10 years & I could built a good muscle mass, but I was struggling the last 10 years with correct approach towards nutrition and workout routine which can help me maintain low fat percentage at the same time good volume on muscle mass, which is a big challenge itself where I visited lot of dieticians and trainers to figure out the solution, but I must say was highly disappointed as most of the professionals didn’t understand the need.

Then I got to know about BodyProCoach & Praveen & Maahek Nair with the amount of transformations and specialty about the subject and I thought of taking up their program for three months and today I am here knowing quite a lot of things about fitness like what to eat, how much to eat and most importantly when to eat and the beauty is in there programming.

They actually share a time-based routine about your goals and the journey. They help you track the progressions and performance and in fact you even receive a progress report based on your performance from BodyProCoach. Regular tracking of meals with calories gets you an understanding about actually why you are having a meal and reason behind it. I must say this all makes sense actually when you see your body changing everyday with a low fat percentage and more energy to perform your regular exercise.

Team BodyProCoach and 1:1 Training can do some magic in the way you feel and look and most importantly they teach the “Why” behind the fitness and once you know it then you will be able to do those exercise & meal plans with a great understanding.