I’m Vishwas, I live in the USA. Before I joined BodyProCoach, I used to workout but I didn’t have the motivation and the information on how to proceed properly with the exercise and the diet. The Plan production team and Praveen & Maahek Nair were there to motivate me through the entire journey of my transformation. Whenever I had a query they were there to answer at the shortest time which gave me information about food and exercise which motivated me and kept me focused in the Base – 90 – Day transformation program.

The plan is highly customised as per the need and supports the current busy lifestyle with shortest time consuming recipes and 20 – 30 minutes of workout which you can do anywhere while you are on the go also. The Base – 90 – Day transformation program not only transformed me but also taught me a great lifestyle which I will be looking forward to continuing forever as this is the easiest way to maintain a lower fat percentage and great fitness.

I can’t thank enough the Plan Production Team BodyProCoach and Praveen & Maahek Nair for always pushing me to get the result.

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It’s been an amazing journey with BodyProCoach and I’m loving the change in my body.

I’m from Kolkata and I got to know about BodyProCoach from Instagram, I follow Praveen & Maahek Nair and the reason I joined is because I wasn’t feeling healthy, I wasn’t feeling good from inside and I had put on a lot of weight, I wanted to look a more lean and more fitter.

So, I thought I should take advice from Praveen & Maahek. Since I have joined Body pro coach, I am very happy to see the positive results in me, so I really want to thank Praveen and Maahek Nair and Plan Production Team BodyProCoach for guiding me.

When I joined BodyProCoach I weighted around 73 kgs and now I lost about 12 kgs.

The follow ups by Praveen & Maahek Nair and Team BodyProCoach motivated me to complete the program and I want to thank them for this.

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I got to know about praveen and his team through instagram. My main aim was to reduce my postpartum belly, improve my posture and develop a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

Talking to praveen before I enrolled myself in the base 90days program, gave me a boost to get my goals accomplished. Once I got started, within a short span of time I realized that these guys are amazing and they do everything needed to help you accomplish your needs and goals. The intermittent fasting, 30 – 40 mins of working out at home with Train Look Good program (HIIT) workouts and disciplined eating can work wonders.

I am extremely happy and grateful to have found Praveen & Maahek Nair, who themselves are very humble in spite of being such established and reputed people and their team who takes every possible effort to revert to your queries as soon as they can. With this incredible journey, I have lost 7kgs in total, got rid of my belly pouch and become stronger and more efficient.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a trustworthy fitness institute and guide to get to bodyprocoach.. Believe me, they are amazing and work wonders..!!!

I am an engineering student and also was working when I started, I just had a goal in my mind that I want to get it done this time. I tried many different gyms all around but I didn't stick by. I was just lifting something and keeping it somewhere else. That was just what I used to do,but when I saw Praveen and Team BodyProCoach for the first time I walked into BPC Fit I saw people doing amazing movements. I decided this is the thing, if you want to get fit you need to do something like this.

The only difficulty you have is until you come here, the moment you come here these guys keep a check on your overall transformation. When I started my journey with BodyProCoach I had a high fat percentage. My day used to be very hectic because of classes, part time jobs, but I stayed committed to my goal and my plan.

At BodyProCoach the entire team focuses a lot on nutrition & performance so the diet book as well where you track your progressions and meal of the day and it actually gets you an understanding of all calories burned and intaken by you so it overall gives you a sense of responsibility.

Staying committed to your goals no matter what is the key to success in your Transformation.

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I love the energy at Bodyprocoach, the positive vibe and the team members here with Praveen & Maahek Nair makes different in the way approach fitness and even more what you can get on the floor while working out and trust me this makes a difference. Everyone at BodyProCoach is so motivating and so high on energy that it makes even a tough workout fun and easy. So, I have been someone who has always love to be fit. I never had an unhealthy lifestyle but always wonder to get fit have a lean body look athletic. Tried my hands on running mindless just with the perception I am going to get fit but it never let somewhere I never got what I wanted and then I happen to meet Maahek. Since I met Maahek really streamlined everything for me given me direction empowered me to do workouts that I never even thought that will be possible. I still remember when i first training with maahek i can hardly do 1 pushup and now i can do 50-100 nonstop pushups. And the best part about me training with Maahek is that she has given me so much variety every session there are different kinds of workouts so it creates so much of fun it's very adventurous for me. The workouts are so much of fun it just makes fitness like such a fun thing to do and it’s become like a huge driving factor for me and it's more than having an aesthetic body good looking body it's more about internal journey that has happened for me. I think I holistically have gone fitter whether it's like inside out to put it that way.

Simply fitness is a way to get disciplined & focused! Love yourself, just think about getting better everyday.

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I am Banker and I spend most of my day in front of the computer and of course travelling to get to work. Fitness was never in my thoughts until i became fat and can’t move around that faster anymore what i used to be in my school days while playing sports.

On a sunday i took some time to think about health and goals at the same time how i want to look, so i wrote my few goals for the year and fitness came to be the first in the list. I gave myself three months to be fit and lean at the time I needed a program which was short as I still have the commitment of travelling and work and most importantly guidance to do everything correct that i get to my goal on decided time.

I started training with BodyProCoach and committed to giving 30 – 40 mins to workout and BodyProCoach guided with values of nutrition and regular touch base on progress report and pics update gave me a sense of understanding towards what i am getting as a result and lost around 20 kgs.

Now i enjoy the process and fitness has become a part of my life, correct eating habits is what i do 365 days a year as i know and understand the macro counts and most importantly the recipe that BodyProCoach gives gets many options and you will never feel like you are actually dieting.

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I am from San Francisco, California, I got to know about BodyProCoach from Instagram as I have been following Praveen and Maahek Nair for a long time and they share amazing rich content with a lot of expertise.

I joined base 90 – Day Transformation Program as I wanted to look good and gain lean muscles and get rid of mid body fats. Within my first month I lost around 3 kgs, overall, I lost about 10 kgs and I really want to thank BodyProCoach for continuous assistance and instant response to all my queries. The journey was challenging but every day was better, fitter and energetic.

Constant follow-ups and Diet checks from Praveen and Maahek Nair and Team BodyProCoach kept me motivated throughout the whole journey.

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I have completed 90 days online programming. Now I feel better than ever because I have lost weight at the same time you know the fitness level has gone up, I am able to achieve more in terms of fitness and I have got leaner.

I have achieved my goal I can say that and I am still working hard to get those six pack abs still way to go but now I am a lot happy right now with results that I have got in these 3 months. All of the nutrition the workout routine the Praveen & Maahek divided in 6 days so I think it was a complete package. Which worked for me. I can’t give the credit to just one aspects of it. I think everything together it brought me this results So, thank you very much. I would definitely recommend to other people this Base 90-day program. Its must if you really want to transform yourself. It’s a wonderful program its worth it “Paisa vasool hain”.

Despite of being so far the team has been always responsive and been sending motivational messages and videos so, I have never lost the motivation in these months which has always kept going but, 3 months down the line I can see every change.

Thank you very much Praveen & Maahek Team

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I am based in gurgaon, India. I got to know about Body Pro Coach and Praveen Nair from Shraddha Kapoor as I follow her on Instagram. Then I went through the website of Body Pro Coach and I saw some amazing transformations done by BodyProCoach. So, I decided to enroll myself into the online Base 90 days program. My fitness goals from the program were to Feel Fit, energetic, and wanted to reduce my fat around my Waistline also needed to get back the glow on my face and youth looking skin. I wanted to have a good sleep as I was suffering from Insomnia. I wanted to achieve the same energy levels as I used to have in my 20s, though I used to work out and still felt my lower body was really weak. I was not able to complete Push-ups, which is where I felt I badly needed to get a health plan that I wanted to adapt to my lifestyle without impacting my skin, hairs. Build my immunity and overall a healthy body and Mind.

The fitness journey with Body Pro Coach was an awesome experience, my energy levels increased, my strength to train myself was high and I feel much lighter and overall, really happy that I have enrolled myself into this Program. I have already lost 3 Kgs. I know it sounds less but I was not overweight to start with, I started at 57.2 Kgs so thank you Praveen, Maahek and team Body Pro Coach for introducing me to a healthier me.

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I was born and brought up in UAE. I joined Base 90 – Day transformation Program after a lot of research. I follow them on social media and saw a lot of body transformations that they have done which inspires me. I’ve been working out the last 5 years but I wasn’t able to achieve my weight loss goals because whenever I started focusing more on muscle gain, I started gaining weight and with that I also gained fats which is not an ideal scenario for me.

My journey with BodyProCoach has been great and I’ve lost about 8 Kgs, I feel fitter, I feel stronger I can lift much heavier and I also fit into my old clothes which is big plus point for me.

I also travel a lot, still the nutritional plan was easy to follow and I want to thank Praveen & Maahek Nair and the Plan Production Team BodyProCoach for their constant support and motivation.

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I got to know about BodyProCoach from Instagram as well as from my friends. I really liked the post from Praveen sir and BodyProCoach Instagram, they were really motivating. This was the reason I enrolled for Base 90 – Day Transformation Program. I’ve been going to the gym for last two years but I wasn’t able to get the result I was looking for. I joined the program because I want to look good and have a perfect body and body structure as well as abs.

I want to thank Praveen & Maahek Nair and the Plan Production Team BodyProCoach for their constant support and guidance. In my first month lost more than 4 Kgs and good amount of fat percentage. Overall, I lost about 10 kgs.

I followed the plan very actively and it really gave me the results I was looking for. I lost excessive fats from my stomach and from my thighs.

Intermittent fasting and keto diet program given by BodyProCoach was really nice. If you follow with 100 % it will definitely give you the result. I have experienced it and it really worked for me.

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I am from Mumbai and joined BodyProCoach 1:1 Training with Maahek Nair as I needed some great change to myself after going through pregnancy. I’m the mother of 2 daughters and I believe that you have to be an Inspiration for your kids by becoming a role model and I believe that you all need a reason or motivation to keep yourself going for workout and eating correct so I find mine here being the role model for my kids.

My all-time challenges were that being a vegetarian I always ate less amount food in order to keep myself lean, but I guess I was not meeting daily nutritional needs and with the time I become weak and started losing muscles and had some postural Issues as an outcome of my eating habits and not much of a correct exercise pattern.

I believe If you have the correct Information about what you are doing and why you are doing you find the right way. So, I was actually looking for a great personal trainer then I saw BodyProCoach profile and transformations done by them at the same time I always wanted to Pilates for postural Improvement so I found all I need in one platform and then I approached Maahek Nair and started with my 1:1 training.

Maahek actually spend good time to make me understand about nutrition and how can we replace the macro and valuable nutrition being a vegetarian and most Importantly they share everything in detail the macro ratio, exercise routine, the progressions that you are making from each routine so overall this every step goes hand in hand to make you a fitter person.

Within three to six months actually I saw that I am much stronger, fitter and finally much stronger than what I was in my teens and now a great role model and disciplined person for kids.

Really want to thank Maahek Nair & Team BodyProCoach for the amazing work and mindset towards making people fit.

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The start to any change begins with mentality, the mindset is the first step towards transformation

The first day I stepped into the BodyProCoach gym. I had no training in functional workout, it was very intense for me at the day one but then it motivated me, I took it as a challenge and it was a great opportunity for me to get trained with Praveen on a new level of the functional training it was something different it was a explosive high intensity to push you to your limit and that’s where even I started doing Pilates session with Maahek Nair

1:1 personal training with Praveen Nair it changes your whole physique it changes your mentality it gives you positivity towards workout it is amazing and a great feeling, after pushing your limits the results are just amazing. As an athlete Pilates and functional workout worked on me 100%

Being an athlete I had to be fast on field to sustain the stamina and this training really helped me achieve some amazing changes and Pilates is a perfect mix with functional training for me that was a perfect blend of workout for week as an athlete Praveen gave me a high protein, low carb and high fiber diet. I just followed the diet given by Praveen and it was just great it gave me awesome results.

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I got know about BodyProCoach via a reference, when I came here I was really not into a presentable shape due to a sedentary lifestyle because of my medical career then I came across Maahek she told me you let me know whatever your fitness goals are and she assured me that we will work towards to achieving it and try and get close.

I just told her that I want to achieve a body shape which I was having 6 years back and really by god’s grace and because of Maahek recently after my 1:1 Online plan I have achieved my goals. My friends looked at me and they really said “Aashna we didn’t recognize you, you are looking like how you looked in your 11th & 12th” and I was like this is exactly where I wanted to be and I am here! Thank you so much BodyProCoach & Maahek Nair, I had an incredible journey I can’t wait to move forward with another advanced program to get better and to get even more fitter looking forward to be like Maahek because her energy is incredible and next level and am really trying to get there soon.

I really worked hard to achieve but that all wouldn’t have been possible without the Maahek’s motivation and constant push and I think it is so important when you have your trainer holding you having you back and telling you are doing incredible push harder that’s what is needed and Maahek Nair is known for that I can’t wait for my next program and let’s see where we get I am super pumped up thank you so much. I think this transformation has increased my confidence so much from where I was and I will never ever forget what Maahek has done for me and what I am looking to get into is solely because of Maahek's efforts Thank you so much Maahek Nair and BodyProCoach.

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I'm from Bangalore and I have been a person who is always in to working out and highly disciplined which are key part of fitness, but I did face challenges with fat percentage and water retention around my abdominals. I live in Bangalore and wanted take guidance from BodyProCoach (Praveen & Maahek Nair), I was not sure at first as it is online coaching but I wanted to give it a try and I joined their 90 day transformation program. I achieved what I never achieved with working out regularly and putting so much efforts towards fitness. Not only today I have learned a great lifestyle and know how to maintain the correct fat percentage for rest of life. I understand that it is not just working out, eating what you think is right, there has to be a plan made based on your current fat percentage and fitness level and monitoring the results are at most important to achieve your goals. The BodyProCoach has been the best that I have worked so far and I highly recommend the Online Transformation program to everyone who is looking forward to making your Fitness Journey, Physical Transformation, Feeling Confident and Feeling Great.

But as always Dil Mange More, will be working on even getting better with their other advanced programs.

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