30 Days To Handstand

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  •  Because anyone can do it, any age, any body shape, any fitness levels. So, you can do it too! To get the correct handstand we need to work on coordination, strength, mobility and good control over muscles and mind by creating the correct pattern of movements.

  • 30 days to handstand the program gets you a breakdown of movements, patterns that you can understand the essence of the program and follow along to get the best results.

  • 15 minutes daily. Yes, that is all it takes on regular basis to get your handstand in 30 days.


  • On purchasing of the program we will be sending you the first questionnaire with detailed questions about your health, fitness etc. Wherein we would require detailed pics to understand the muscle flexibility overall fitness and our coaches will write back to you with detail as in how to get the most of the program.
  • There will be weekly follow up and where you will be updating your progress and coaches get to give you the feedback as well on your effort levels.
  • Upon finishing the program you will be receiving a certificate from BodyProCoach.


  • Upon purchasing the program we will be sending you an Ebook about 30days to Handstand which will have detailed programming and videos to make you understand the program in detail.
  • You will be provided with 30-45 mins of exercise focusing on strength, mobility and stability which will be key to your success in getting your first handstand.