90 Days Transformation

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This is the program that the most Bollywood celebs have implemented to get themselves in the best shapes and maintain the fat percentage and fitness all year round.

Let us get you on the journey of transforming life and teaching you that maintaining a low level of fat percentage and having great fitness in not that hard. Over the Base - 90 Day and Move & Sustain – 90 Day Program we will take you through some amazing teaching journey of movements and healthy eating with some cool recipes which you will love to follow forever.

Let’s begin the journey! Welcome to the family.

How it works:

Anybody and everybody can join with any kind of fitness levels.
And we will have you take a step by step approach in this program, making your fitness base stronger

Pre-recorded workouts with Praveen & Maahek Nair
Wherein you get an option to lower or maximize your intensity.

Tailored meal plans which are delicious and result focused

Your progress can be your biggest motivation.