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I am currently based in silvasa, I enrolled into base 90 days program with a goal of fat loss and weight loss but most importantly I wanted to educate myself about nutrition food so that I can live a good and healthy life not only for these 90 days but rest of my life.

I have been following Praveen & Maahek Nair from quite some time then one day I decided to speak and take the guidance on what I might be doing wrong so I spoke to Praveen and then he helped me to understand it and I have lost 13 kgs since I started following BodyProCoach within a month. Since I started Base 90days Program it helped me to lose more 8 kgs in first month. It was really exciting and motivating. Moreover, it has given me completely different perspective to healthier lifestyle. 

It had been an incredible journey and I have lost 20 kgs of my weight during the entire course of Base – 90 days Program and I am really thankful to Praveen & Maahek who have been my biggest motivation. Praveen’s posts on Instagram always motivate me to get up and workout towards my fitness goal.

BodyProCoach have such amazing content on YouTube which has HIIT workouts, nutrition, food, Pilates and much more which is going to help you achieve your fitness goals. One thing which I have learnt in my journey is “consistency is the key” The Program gave me confidence, I felt more fit, energetic and stronger. 

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I’m a senior resident in Pediatric Surgery and I’m from New Delhi. Joining Base – 90 Day Transformation program has been an amazing journey. I didn’t know it was so easy to lose weight. Though I had my mother who encouraged and helped me a lot and my sister as an inspiration.

Due to my erratic work schedule, workout wasn’t so regular but the nutrition plan and the workout plan provided by Plan Production Team BodyProCoach was easy to follow and helped me get the result.

I have lost 18 kgs and I haven’t been feeling hungry, I have seen a rise in my energy level and I can sleep much better. I want to thank Plan Production Team BodyProCoach for all their efforts and motivation. 

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I got to know about BodyProCoach from Instagram as well as from my friends. I really liked the post from Praveen sir and BodyProCoach Instagram, they were really motivating. This was the reason I enrolled for Base 90 – Day Transformation Program. I’ve been going to the gym for last two years but I wasn’t able to get the result I was looking for. I joined the program because I want to look good and have a perfect body and body structure as well as abs.

I want to thank Praveen & Maahek Nair and the Plan Production Team BodyProCoach for their constant support and guidance. In my first month lost more than 4 Kgs and good amount of fat percentage. Overall, I lost about 10 kgs.

I followed the plan very actively and it really gave me the results I was looking for. I lost excessive fats from my stomach and from my thighs.

Intermittent fasting and keto diet program given by BodyProCoach was really nice. If you follow with 100 % it will definitely give you the result. I have experienced it and it really worked for me. 

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It’s been an amazing journey with BodyProCoach and I’m loving the change in my body.

I’m from Kolkata and I got to know about BodyProCoach from Instagram, I follow Praveen & Maahek Nair and the reason I joined is because I wasn’t feeling healthy, I wasn’t feeling good from inside and I had put on a lot of weight, I wanted to look a more lean and more fitter. 

So, I thought I should take advice from Praveen & Maahek. Since I have joined Body pro coach, I am very happy to see the positive results in me, so I really want to thank Praveen and Maahek Nair and Plan Production Team BodyProCoach for guiding me.

When I joined BodyProCoach I weighted around 73 kgs and now I lost about 12 kgs.

The follow ups by Praveen & Maahek Nair and Team BodyProCoach motivated me to complete the program and I want to thank them for this.

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I am from San Francisco, California, I got to know about BodyProCoach from Instagram as I have been following Praveen and Maahek Nair for a long time and they share amazing rich content with a lot of expertise. I joined base 90 – Day Transformation Program as I wanted to look good and gain lean muscles and get rid of mid body fats. Within my first month I lost around 3 kgs, overall, I lost about 10 kgs and I really want to thank BodyProCoach for continuous assistance and instant response to all my queries. The journey was challenging but every day was better, fitter and energetic. Constant follow-ups and Diet checks from Praveen and Maahek Nair and Team BodyProCoach kept me motivated throughout the whole journey.

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I’m from Thane (50-60 KM from BodyProCoach). As I can't visit the BodyProCoach Gym I chose online training with BodyProCoach. I've been gyming and trying different types of diets but never got the result, the fat percentage that I was always looking forward for. I thought of trying BodyProCoach 

Online Base Training Program as Praveen and Maahek Nair are well known for some of the Bollywood transformation that they have done which inspires me. Within a month and a half, I see my whole body changing and energy level rising up. I was able to do some great exercise and routine which I've never done. This experience changed the way I look into life, exercise and being in shape, learned some great methods of keeping the body in the best shape throughout the year.

Just want to add a few more things here is that after following keto and intermittent fasting my energy level throughout the day for the workout was immense which i never felt while following a low carb diet.

 I'm so glad and happy that I took the Base - 90 - Transformation program and now I have a great approach towards my fitness and lifestyle. Thank you.

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When I joined BPC, I weight around 112 Kilos, I was obese, so what led me to start working out was my health my inulin was high, I had hormonal issues, my joints were in pain and I would get breathless. Initially it was very difficult for me, I couldn’t do a proper squat, I couldn’t lift 3 kg dumbbell, I couldn’t do pull up or push us, I had heard all this name for the first time. The max burpees I could do was 2 or 3. That’s where Maahek mam comes into the picture; the very first day I remember she made me run on the ground in front of so many people I was so embarrassed because being fat my self-esteem was very low, my self-confidence was low. So, running in front of the public was a huge deal for me so maybe that was the start to building my self-esteem.

About Maahek make how much ever I say is less because she always motivates me, encourage me to go beyond my limits and set higher goals. She always messages me this huge sentence motivating me to come here, she would keep track of what ever I’m eating if I’m cheating or not which I would do often.And now I would say that I’ve change not only physically I but mentally as well, in the choices I makes, in the decision I make. Now I think twice before eating something and my self-confidence has increased. I’m confident that is can do things so daily I keep this small goal for e.g. I can do 10 burpees tomorrow I should do 15 to 20. And I’m Thankful to Maahek, Praveen sir, and BodyProCoach team for all this.

I think it’s all about consistency, hard work and being discipline and trust me if I can do this then anyone can do it. Workout was boring at starting but at BodyProCoach every day we have a new workout of the day and it never gets boring and I always look forward to go here. I had PCOD and because of that losing make was difficult for me. In PCOD you gain weight And at such a young age having that made it very difficult for me to lose weight.

My dad has also really motivated me and pull me and dragged me over here. I had seen him doing pull ups and gymnastics and I was like no I can never do that, I really didn’t want to come to the gym, I was like I’ll just walk on the treadmill and go for a walk and do some cardio. But he insisted that I check the place out, because he trust Maahek Mam and Praveen sir, he knows them from a very long time, so he dragged me here and on the first day I felt like I can’t do all this, what are this people doing, what is this?My dad also uses to listen to motivational videos and speeches online so that once you listen to it you get the motivation to do your workout and he explained to me that even I should listen. So, I started listening to these workout speeches and it really helped me. Apart from that he would help me in my diet; he would cook for me because I knew nothing about it. For me dieting was pizza and burgers and fries, I knew nothing about chicken and boiled eggs and all of that so yah he introduced me to the concepts of healthy eating and I’m very happy that I got to know about this because it really helped me in my day to day live.

One unique thing in my entire journey is Maahek mam herself. Sometimes when I use to workout, I use to feel like giving up I use to feel very lazy and I feel like: no, I want to go home and all of that. But then there are this magic sentences I don’t know how but she just say it and I would get motivated by those sentences and this was enough to get me through that 45 minutes and I would feel really motivated and boosted to just do it and after my workout I would be more motivated to my cardio.

Fitness mantra/tips:

One thing they’ve really taught me is to write down whatever I eat that is maintaining a diet book. Writing down whatever you eat so that you know how much you have consumed and second thing that I have learned is counting calories and by doing that I would know how much calories I have burned and how much I have consumed that I can work out according.

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I was born and brought up in UAE. I joined Base 90 – Day transformation Program after a lot of research. I follow them on social media and saw a lot of body transformations that they have done which inspires me. I’ve been working out the last 5 years but I wasn’t able to achieve my weight loss goals because whenever I started focusing more on muscle gain, I started gaining weight and with that I also gained fats which is not an ideal scenario for me.
My journey with BodyProCoach has been great and I’ve lost about 8 Kgs, I feel fitter, I feel stronger I can lift much heavier and I also fit into my old clothes which is big plus point for me.

I also travel a lot, still the nutritional plan was easy to follow and I want to thank Praveen & Maahek Nair and the Plan Production Team BodyProCoach for their constant support and motivation.

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I live in USA. I had been going to local gyms for the past 5-6 years, I tried functional gyms here in US but none of them gave the results I was expecting. I had been following many Bollywood celebs on Instagram that’s where I got to know about Praveen Nair. I joined their Base – 90 Day Transformation Program with the expectation to get leaner and muscular body to reduce abdominal fats and gain some muscle weight and I could say it was a wonderful journey. I see changes in my body, my friends also have seen the changes and are also planning to join the program.

I want to thank Praveen & Maahek Nair and the entire Plan Production Team BodyProCoach. I really appreciate for all the effort and thank you Maahek for all the amazing recipes. I feel more confident and I feel better than ever because I’ve lost weight and at the same time the fitness level has gone up and I’m able to achieve more in terms of fitness and I’ve got leaner. I can say that I’ve achieved my goals.

Despite the distance I never felt that I’m far away as the Plan Production Team BodyProCoach was always responsive and always kept sending motivational messages and videos which kept me motivated and kept me going. Whenever I see a BodyProCoach YouTube videos or Instagram stories they help me motivate a lot. Praveen & Maahek Nair are celebrity coaches and that itself says a lot.

The whole plan which include keto diet, exercise plan and motivation was a complete package which worked for me and I would definitely recommend other people this online coaching program and it’s a must to if you really want to find yourself transformed. This is a wonderful program. IT’S WORTH IT!!

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I live in Sweden and I got to know about BodyProCoach from Instagram and I joined because I could do it online and I’m extremely happy to have joined Base – 90 Day Transformation Program and I have felt the difference in my body strength and as well as in my mind. I have lost more than 9 Kgs in past three months and I could see positive result due to diet and workout. I have realized my core strength has increased, I feel energetic throughout the day, I can sleep well and most important feel well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Praveen & Maahek Nair for always following up, giving support and guidance when it’s needed, and giving feedbacks, motivating me in my journey through videos, exercise videos and diet videos. I would say that it is not only a program for me but it was a beautiful journey and I would like to continue it further.

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I'm from Bangalore and I have been a person who is always in to working out and highly disciplined which are key part of fitness, but I did face challenges with fat percentage and water retention around my abdominals. I live in Bangalore and wanted take guidance from BodyProCoach (Praveen & Maahek Nair), I was not sure at first as it is online coaching but I wanted to give it a try and I joined their 90 day transformation program. I achieved what I never achieved with working out regularly and putting so much efforts towards fitness. Not only today I have learned a great lifestyle and know how to maintain the correct fat percentage for rest of life.   I understand that it is not just working out, eating what you think is right, there has to be a plan made based on your current fat percentage and fitness level and monitoring the results are at most important to achieve your goals. The BodyProCoach has been the best that I have worked so far and I highly recommend the Online Transformation program to everyone who is looking forward to making your Fitness Journey, Physical Transformation, Feeling Confident and Feeling Great. 

But as always Dil Mange More, will be working on even getting better with their other advanced programs.

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I live in Dubai, I heard about BodyProCoach from a friend of mine and then I searched about them on social media which gave me confidence about the program. Then I took up the Base - 90 - Day Transformation program with a clear mindset to find the best version of me of being fit and feeling great with complete confidence. I can say Plan Production Team BodyProCoach and Praveen & Maahek Nair stayed up to my high expectations.

In the beginning I couldn't even perform a beginner push up, but at the end of the 90 days of the Base program I could do full push up and perform a lot of more complex movements with much ease. Thanks for the fitness and strength that the program has given.

I followed the Intermittent Fasting plan and keto nutritional plan which made me realize and kept me much more energetic than when I was using high carbohydrates and sugar based food. This plan gave me immense focus and recovery rate which let me perform better everyday while I was finding the leanest version of me through the plan.

I lost 7 Kg and dropped a lot of fat percentage over three months which made me perform better. I felt strong and most importantly my doctor was very happy because of my exercise regime, weight loss and fat loss which has helped me reduce my thyroid level too.

Intermittent fasting plan and keto plan with a great support of the team over the constant follow ups and timely progressive questionnaire gave me a high level of focus to stay in the plan and keep chasing results and goals. I'm very happy with my result and have educated myself about staying fit and lean all over the year with a great and happy eating plan and the shortest time exercise of 20-30 minutes at home.

Earlier I never believed in online coaching or distance training pattern, but now with my own experience I highly believe and recommend that all you need is a great team of people around you who have the same mindset and passion for fitness and getting better.

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When it comes to exercise, keeping me fit and healthy, there is only one name that comes to my min; Praveen & Maahek Nair.
I travel more than 2 hours everyday to get to them but it was worth the journey and effort.
The tracking and the follow up that they do to keep you motivated is something out of the box.

I believe that in any transformation journey it physical as well as mental. The focus plays a huge role to get the result done and Praveen & Maahek Nair have done a wonderful job keeping me on track showing me a progression on a monthly basis which kept me constantly motivated for my goals.

They make sure that TTLG (HIIT) programs and Diet plan were easily accessible that when you are on the go or out of town its easy to follow within 30 minutes which turn out to be one of the best thing for me as most of the time I’m on the go and travelling.

Plan Production Team BodyProCoach and Praveen & Maahek Nair, I owe my complete transformation to you guys. Lots of love and thank you.


I have been a fit person looking after my diet and workout very consciously, but the urge to get better to look even more leaner was high on me. I took up training and nutrition with Praveen & Maahek Nair. They literally change the way I thought about training and nutrition. The training sessions were difficult and challenging and even make me puke a few times on the first few sessions but within two weeks I saw my whole body changing to another level which I never notice in my last few years of training.

I could never find a perfection in in the quality of my lower abdomen but these two weeks set clearly what a right coach and a nutrition can play the way you can look. I am at my best shape, the leanest of me and of course the fittest of mine.

Trainings were always challenging and the nutrition was always something great, easy to cook and easy to stick around.

So, I highly recommend and all you need is right guidance, motivation and time based goals to achieve and a great team to work with you which gives you weekly and monthly break down of your goal to achieve them. Praveen & Maahek Nair have done a great work with me. Love you guys.


I'm Vishwas, I live in the USA. Before I joined BodyProCoach, I used to workout but I didn’t have the motivation and the information on how to proceed properly with the exercise and the diet. The Plan production team and Praveen & Maahek Nair were there to motivate me through the entire journey of my transformation. Whenever I had a query they were there to answer at the shortest time which gave me information about food and exercise which motivated me and kept me focused in the Base - 90 - Day transformation program.

The plan is highly customised as per the need and supports the current busy lifestyle with shortest time consuming recipes and 20 - 30 minutes of workout which you can do anywhere while you are on the go also. The Base - 90 - Day transformation program not only transformed me but also taught me a great lifestyle which I will be looking forward to continuing forever as this is the easiest way to maintain a lower fat percentage and great fitness.

I can't thank enough the Plan Production Team BodyProCoach and Praveen & Maahek Nair for always pushing me to get the result.

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While I was following the base -90- days online program I was in Russia doing my MBBS. Having a very hectic schedule of studies I still wanted to look and feel good. The most important thing that the plan has done to me is that making me fit into my old clothes which I thought would never be possible. This was one of the major reasons I got into the transformation plan which I turned around and used as motivation.

Within a month of following the Base plan I lost more than 5 Kg which made me fit into my old clothes, that made me comfortable, confident and happy.

The Base 90 day program is very comfortable to do it with its easiest cooking recipe options and most importantly easily achievable workout routine. I preferred to always choose the early morning time for workout which not only gave me a great day but a lot more productivity from my day.

I really wanna thank Plan production Team BodyProCoach and Praveen & Maahek Nair for being with me each and every step of this journey. Thank you BodyProCoach. Lots of love.

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